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Default Re: List of Predictions - Update!

No doubt that the possibility of a strike has been there for a long time The cold war is proof of that. But judging from the people I see speaking here it looks to me like one of two scenarios either the Military is looking for more black ops funds or they are laying the ground work for the next false flag Operation. Iran and N. Korea do not have the missile technology to reach the U.S. mainland nor do i think they want to fire on the U.S. You have lived with this threat for many years and the only way this would ever happen is if there was no other way. Your Government must chose carefully the way it handles foreign affairs when dealing with this as even a mouse when cornered will fight . If you try to starve or block medical supplies to a population you ask for trouble . Every nation has the right to defend and deter aggression . I don`t know if any of you have noticed but all nations that do not have a FED reserve bank in them lately have been slowly some how linked to terrorists or growing military threats , Iraq and Afghanistan now have those banks. Lately talk of N. Korea and Iran as being trouble spots in the world have no Fed banks . I am sure Venezuela will be on the list also along with others

You need to understand that the world is quickly tiring of American Political and economic involvement in their affairs, the economic Hit men the CIA and others . Interfering in other nations and in particularly the Middle east is one reason why there is hatred for the U.S. in this region. You can not arm one group in the area to the teeth and then turn a blind eye when they begin to systematically reduce or wipe out certain populations in that area.
You can not continue to steal the wealth and natural resources of other nations and expect them to stay friendly with you . There will come a time when they respond and that time will be here soon . When the dollar is no longer currency outside of the U.S. other nations will cease to trade with her and she will be ignored .

I have read lately that OBee is going to review the military Budget soon looking to make cuts, perhaps they (MIC) don`t wish this and I have heard of a prediction that he may in fact have an attempt on his life in the next 5 months

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