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Default Re: Lemon Grass Tea Kills Cancer Cells

Originally Posted by NorthernSantuary View Post
Hi Luminari,

I posted a thread on this a while ago:

There's a belief that it's the lemo grass that's doing the work, not the chemo.

Does anyone know if it grows in Canada/ cold climates? I see what looks like that grass in the Laurentians.
Apologies Northern Sanctuary, I should have done a proper search. Thanks for your great informative original post.

2 people close to me have just been diagnosed with breast cancer so this is topical for me right now.

I love Lemongrass! it reminds me of my childhood (the happy part). My father is a healer amoungst other amazing things and I grew up in a 'garden of eden' in the tropical rainforest beside a river. We had every exotic fruit and herb (hundreds!) growing and I used to run down and collect lemongrass for tea, I love the smell when you crush it. You mix some honey and a few drops of lime squeezed into it and it turns a lovely pinkish colour.

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