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Default Re: Lemon Grass Tea Kills Cancer Cells

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
I know you can get it in tea form at the health food stores...but fresh sounds much better...Luminari...if you can tell us how to prepare it I would be interested as well...good suggestion sleepingnomore
You just break off a big handfull of it, fold it over itself a couple of times to reduce the length and then grip it firmly and 'twist' it which breaks it open and releases a heavenly scent. Boil it up in a kettle of water. When it cools enough, add a bit of honey and the 'secret' my dad showed me is if you add a few drops of fresh lime juice (or lemon but lime is better) it changes colour (tastes awesome too). Hey presto.

But you want to drink at least 8 cups a day if you have cancer for it to really take full effect.

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