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Lightbulb Hierophant Maharic Seal Meditation Spoken by A'sha-yana Deane [audio file]

The links below are to three different edits of A'sha-yana Deane guiding a group through the Maharic Seal Meditation using the Hierophant symbol. The entire lecture, including parts 26-29 from which these meditations are snipped, can be found on Youtube. The lecture connects many ideas in stunningly simple ways, such as "thoughts are scalar technology".

The Maharic Seal meditation has a critical element in it that is shared by other meditations. This is the sending of thought down to the center of the earth or into the scalar template of the earth as Ms. Dean would say. In Drunvalo Melchizedek's "Living in the Heart" he also guides the meditator to send their love into the earth at the beginning of meditation. I seem to recall that his book of the same title said this was a common element for many (if not all) indigenous tribe meditations, please correct me if this is wrong.

The first edit, MaharicBeginr.mp3, starts and ends with a detailed explanation of the symbols and meanings involved in the meditation. This should definitely be listened to a few times, until the images & progression are clearly remembered.

The second edit, MaharicOnly.mp3, goes straight into the meditation without any extra explanation. This is for people that have become comfortable with the meditation.

MaharicPlus5d.mp3 is the third edit. After going through the Maharic Seal without extras, it continues as A'sha-yana Deane guides the group through the basic steps of fifth dimensional communication. This is included for people that feel proficient at raising their 'protective shield'. In her words, "This is the beginning of mass contact."

In the lecture A'sha-yana recommends that the attendees take the copious printed material that she gives them and read the meditations into a recorder so they can be used. It seems extra special to be able to hear this 'entry level' meditation in her own voice. The sound quality should be better than the youtube videos and the file size should be practical for dialup users. Please leave feedback on any quality or format issues. These files are meant to be compatible with absolutely any mp3 player.

MaharicBeginr.mp3 -- 7.47 Mb

MaharicOnly.mp3 -- 3.2 Mb

MaharicPlus5d.mp3 -- 7.39 Mb

Contactee Ashayana Deane (formerly Anna Hayes) - Angelic Realities
thanks to eXchanger,

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Collected Works!
thanks to Luminari,

Also, from the Azurite Press website
The Eckasha Maharic Seal Technique
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