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Default Re: Resources for Ladies...

if woman increase their vibration...
their period is much shorter
(like 8-12 hrs long)
without any bloating/or PMS etc.
(it also helps to take good herbs...
there is one i know of called
ming life enhancer by neways
(i take 3 of them a day-a bottle lasts 100 days/costs about $30) they also make amazing NON TOXIC -without chemicals/and, without fillers...
also cosmetics-that are safe
(red lipstick)
apparently, that always sells !!!

personal care products-shampoos/and, shaving gel
(that doesn't dull razor blades--as, shocking as this might be to hear, but, commerical shaving products/actually eat razor blades)
it's built into the design of shaving creams/and, gels

it will be important; to start discovering
products that do NOT harm the earth...
neways, is available in quite a few countries
around the world

brightest blessings
i am
The eXchanger
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