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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

The contracts between the US Government and some of these ETs are submissions based in compromise. If these contracts didn't exist, these things wouldn't be happening. But they are and that has been proven. Even your soul has a contract.
Proven, or speculated? You have to have a legal body that presides over such contracts or else the contract is just an idea. What legal body presides over a contract with off world civilizations? If such a contract is violated then what court presides over the case? Illegal contracts are not contracts, they are ideas.

What legal body presides over this "contract" that my soul has? This kind of projection of the Athenian philosophy of rule and law on to the realm of metaphysics and spirituality holds no weight.

Also the statement that we have already won is false. Look around in the now and tell me what you see. We haven't won that freedom that everyone is seeking. That kind of statement causes complacency. Now maybe on some la la dimension we have, as that would be a possible alternate reality, but the reality I am currently anchored to doesn't support this claim. We are not free. And to bring what I consider one of the most important points to the question that Brook asked is, "what are you doing to fight you have a plan?"
I spent a decade in "battle" with all of these illusions of opposition. No matter how many times I thought I had won, the next battle would be just around the corner and more difficult to get past due to increasing intensity levels. Freedom is a state of mind, not a condition of the material world. If you choose to stop believing all of the false core beliefs that have been inserted into society then you become free. If you choose to continue to hold value in material weath and goods, then you will never be free. It is a self made prison that they trick you into volunteering for. It is an illusion that they have created that makes you believe that you can not transcend this make believe prison without battling you way out of it. The battle for your freedom is in your consciousness, not in the world around you.

How do we go about calling a Global timeout? Reclaiming our sovereignty? When you see a demonstration marching on D.C. I can envision everyone holding up a sign and all the signs say YOUR FIRED! In one voice of unity. Instead I see a bunch of different signs, each defining what one might be polarized to and marching against. So much separation marching forth. If we were to say, YOUR FIRED and take over with a council of beings with regards to unity and one free Earth, we may have a shot at it. But everyone is going to have to get out of that chair and get her done.
This is an artifact of the illusion that the real PTB who do not hang out in Washington have created. The decision makers are out of plain site, you will never know who they are. How can you route out an invisible hierarchy with external actions? The truth is that if people stopped having a consciousness that looks outside of themselves for guidance then suddenly the collective consciousness of the planet would manifest a world where the rulers are no longer necessary.

I say to you T3J, that with your abilities, I would entertain you or challenge you to report your possible findings at the poles of this Planet. In particular the South Pole and tell us what you find there. I found an army just waiting. Waiting for the time when there will be a great fight. A fight for our very right to just breathe, if it goes that far. You can then say nothing is written in stone because then it will be the moment of truth as to the theory we have already won.

If you want to battle the PTB, you do it with information. The more people that have the truth, the less controllable the population is because they no longer need control. The invisible enemy that you are fighting against does not sit on a throne or at a desk. The invisible enemy you are trying to fight against is the Cognitive Dissonance that results in a society that needs to be ruled over. You destroy the unconscious behavior of the masses and get them to wake up, and you have arrived at the solution that you are looking for. Or at least that you say you are looking for.
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