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Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
Thanks Astra... it's years since I heard it... I'm amazed anyone else has !

Gita... I shall work on those, more, 'difficult' numbers.. soon.

As for noticing things.. I'm not trying to poop anyone's party (Swanny!) but there is a fairly normal phenomenon of selection that the brain makes.

It's seen often when people say... 'why is it I always pick the longest queue at the Supermarket?'

I think the principle applies to numbers too.

The idea is that your brain becomes more aware of a certain 'thing' and the more aware it becomes of it, the more it sees it. Our brain filters out, thousands of pieces of information in any given second, just looking around a room. It has to know whether to notice a table, or chair, or plant, or person... or the number 22. As soon as your brain thinks 22 ... or any other number .. is important... it will notice it more. We look at clocks and watches hundreds of thousands of times over the years... and each time.. it's a different time. Or it's the same time.

I once was breaking up with a German girlfriend.. and everywhere I went it seemed, I'd run into germans.. or german words or german things. I kept thinking.. 'maybe God/universe is trying to give me a sign...'

But what could that sign have possibly been? Break-up? Stay-together?

Turns out that guilt trip is mine, not God's.. and the messages are just my brain thinking about germany.

I could have passed bus loads of Italian, french or Spanish students.. and they would have been invisible to me.

So I think it's possible that the same phenomena is true of noticing numbers.

I remember - (one last thing) as a kid having a digital watch... and very often when I looked at it., it would say 11:11 or 2:22. I thought this was cool, because it looked great. Now that I don't put any special meaning to those times... I don't notice those times the same.

All the same, I sincerely wish anyone lots of luck in figuring out what the universe is telling us at any given moment! Maybe when you figure it out, you can let me know!

I totally agree with you – the brain does highlight what the conscious or subconscious is paying attention too. However, this 11.11 business did become a phenomenon. I started noticing 11.11 and its variations way before being connected to the internet (early 90s) and when I joined WWW, I researched it and at first could find nothing and then slowly others began reporting it but no one had any idea what it meant. Now there’s far too many people reporting it and some that probably aren’t. This in my opinion is a phenomenon as far too many people are affected by it. Whereas no one has been affected by seeing German people or words all the time – unless you live in Germany!

As with the big numbers – I do hope you realise I was kidding around. But seriously, when the time comes, I’ll help you with the big ones ! You never know we may go pass the big 20.
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