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Default Re: Personal attacks (conducted on this forum)

agreeing with gita's concerns totally (above)


It will be of special interest to all that Bob Dean has embraced Jack Burns as a brother and we spent many wonderful hours chatting about many subjects while in Laughlin. Bob and Jack share a background in the military. I will be releasing an upcoming interview with Bob in which he substantiates further witness testimony from several of our whistle blowers.
with respect, but bob dean hasn't come up with a ground breaking new informatin exept confirming what henry deacon had already presented - with a lot more grace and less ego...i mean, knowing that he (b dean) decided to spill the beans because the higher ups consistently hindred HIS own career advancement at the time, doesn't make him very trustworthy in my book..and that's in his own words as posted on PC.

best wishes l.


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