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Default Re: Personal attacks (conducted on this forum)

Originally Posted by Truthseeker512 View Post
Ive only been a member for a short time, fan of PC since last yr.

Its sad to see this spilling into the public domain.

Both you (kerry) and Bill have created quite a wonderful resource for like minded ppl. I had the impression this creation was run by mature, level headed individuals, However when the creators have spats in full public view it really puts this view into question. For PC to function as it is intended, credibility is pretty much the only currency you can deal with in these realms.

Its sad to see both of your working relationships deteriorate and quite possibly your personal ones too. Positive thoughts go out to both you and Bill and I hope you can get back to bein the team that inspires so many.
Yes and Amen!! Decisions made in anger are most always a big mistake.
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