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Default Re: Personal attacks (conducted on this forum)

Originally Posted by gita View Post
Kerry, would you be good enough to address some of what Bill said earlier today on the chat forum?

Bill mentioned that ...John (Jack) Burns works for Ausrallian intelligence and that he wanted to sack all the volunteers, move Camelot to a central office in Australia, have only paid staff and have him as the co-coordinator.

Bill also states that he has audio recording that proves 100% that Burns is an agent but that you refuse to listen!!

Im also baffled as to why you would shut down the forum because of internal dispute. The members seem to have been caught in the cross fire here and its not a very comfortable place to be in. It feels like were being forced to take sides which like children from a divorce situation is heart breaking. We do appreciate both of you and everything youve done.

Many thanks.
Thanks Gita ...totally are dealing with adults here not kindergarten
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