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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Hey Truthseeker512. Thanks for your insight. Let us know what you think once you watch the videos. This one in particular is probably a good one for you:

New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement

A lot of history is open to interpretation and more often than not is wrong.
A lot of his stuff seems to be holding up as truth so im still on the fence with this at the mo
Yeah, I've found the same thing. History is a mess. Much of it is manipulated, revised and removed. I think Jordan's commentary about the Fed and the ruling elite are pretty accurate actually, that's part of what makes Jordan a tricky fellow. He's exposing the elite so they can replace themselves with a solution (i.e. problem, reaction, solution formula), and also exposing their religion and their beliefs to the external world to get the world to buy into their religion instead of the current major religions. Essentially the "new age" religion which has much focus on the individual as their own god and savior--it's really a platform based on Luciferian ideals and they're very open about that, as someone stated above, and essentially occult in nature.

One of the tenants is to neutralize other religions by making them seem they are based on ancient wisdom, astrology, and marginalize those religions as war like, dogmatic, non-unique, radical, etc. Part of the problem is in order to foist their religion on people they use trickery and lies, and their motive is not a "free" people but a 100% enslaved people believing and doing what the Illuminati want them to. That is a major concern, because they are very successful as you'll see in the videos.

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