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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

Originally Posted by eMonkey View Post
I will only concede that he does rant, but there are always opportunities to learn something and grow from all of the interviews. You make your own decisions, conclusions and research. As my mentor would say, "Do not throw the baby with the bath water". You are ridiculing the whole of PC for one of many interviews whether questionable or not. It is not a view I can share.

However, thank you for sharing your own thoughts.
Hi eMonkey,

I great saying indeed.
I must say, It'd be folly to discredit all information offered to us by Jordan Maxwell, there are some idealogical idea's in there that be great to have happen.

However, we must tread carefully when it comes to the reasons How? and Why? these ideologies would be brought about. An example being; The Forced Reduction of the World Population.

Look, I for one am truely Grateful to Bill & Kerry for their work thus far and I don't see it as ridicule, Not for one moment!
It's merely opinions based on the information that has been gathered up until now. It's finding what 'Resonates'.

I can fully see the questioning of such information once it's presented.

One question may be; If Christanity was Plagerised somewhat and Hijacked for an ulterior motive, then Why not the "New Age" and "Theosophy"?

Love and Light to All


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