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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

[QUOTE=nostrovia;257879]Hi folks,

I know this will be hard for some people to stomach, and others will understand where I'm coming from. This year I learned that Jordan Maxwell is an Illuminati shill who's goal is like Michael Tsarion's and Zeitgiests, and many other "truth" movement people who are targeting people looking for the truth but then misdirecting them. Just about all of Jordan Maxwell's material and insights regarding religion is simply and demonstratively, and provably wrong. They come directly from the occultist Madam Blavatsky and IS the religion of the Illuminati elite which he, on the other hand, is also exposing. I'll say the reason why in a moment.

Hello Nostrovia,

I listened lectures by Jordan Maxwell,and I must admit, that my intuition was telling me that something is wrong with story he tries to picture to us.I never questioned his conclusion,because he was researching this subject for 40 and some years!He must be telling the true! I saw later that this fact(researching 40+years on subject),has nothing to do with true,at least with real true,maybe with illuminati true, yes.
Maybe William Cooper was honest true seeker and real hero of our times.
My point is that we must find the true for ourself,not to be disappointed on what we are crossing through finding it,and not to be afraid.
I still think that there is a lot of people doing the right thing for humanity from the heart.
Here is one link about William Cooper and Jordan Maxwell,you may find it interesting.
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