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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

very en-Lightening thread --

i just watched the Keith Thompson Infiltration film -- our reptilian masters function/control us best from 4D where symbols rule [not in 5D & up tho]

this deal w/the Aquarian Age, the symbol being the water carrier 'god' [i.e., reptilian, probably Draco] spilling the water -- didn't Jordanus M or Michael T talk about the little water carrier thingy shown in the hands of some of the carvings/statues of thesumerian/other reptilian-controlled ancient cultures, & that it was the essence of humans in the thingy?

so, w/the aquarian age symbol, are they letting us know that the Life force here on Earth is about to be spilled out/destroyed in some way? i believe the 'peace' of the new world they envision is the 'peace' of the grey clones who serve the reptilians -- James Casbolt recent writings about AI might be significant here

[edit for this PS -- i don't think these newagey kind of folks like to say the name Jesus -- they call Him the water carrier or the fish god or variations on the 'Christ consciousness' ]

Peace & Freedom, wynderer

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