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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

very en-Lightening thread --

i just watched the Keith Thompson Infiltration film -- our reptilian masters function/control us best from 4D where symbols rule [not in 5D & up tho]

this deal w/the Aquarian Age, the symbol being the water carrier 'god' [i.e., reptilian, probably Draco] spilling the water -- didn't Jordanus M or Michael T talk about the little water carrier thingy shown in the hands of some of the carvings/statues of thesumerian/other reptilian-controlled ancient cultures, & that it was the essence of humans in the thingy?

so, w/the aquarian age symbol, are they letting us know that the Life force here on Earth is about to be spilled out/destroyed in some way? i believe the 'peace' of the new world they envision is the 'peace' of the grey clones who serve the reptilians -- James Casbolt recent writings about AI might be significant here

[edit for this PS -- i don't think these newagey kind of folks like to say the name Jesus -- they call Him the water carrier or the fish god or variations on the 'Christ consciousness' ]

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
As i've stated before, the problem is that
1. The worship of the man Jesus if you're not worshiping Him the way Indians worship their gurus, as an example, as the "word and the way," as a guide, but as God totally and fundamentally external of yourself, borders on idolatry. Indeed, ANY worship of a God who is not invested in part in you and who is not capable, or willing, or whatever to absorb you, or so to say, to enlighten you, is most likely idolatry/Satanism/worship of the Lord of this World anyways.

2. The old Christians, though they did not have the vocabulary, would most likely state that Christ Consciousness is a good term. The Kingdom is within you and all that. Christianity was never meant to be a cult, it was a way to return to the Kingdom through the Grace of God; the modern churchianity is nothing like that, it offers a goal, but not the way.

3. Precession exists and it most likely works, just as Astrology works if that is used as it is meant to be used, as a mirror for the (lower) soul. So yeah, Age of Aquarius is after the Age of Pisces and yeah, where's the luciferism in this? And why the bleep should we see a big bad reptilian behind the image of the Aquarius? Astrology is an internal matter anyways, and the "demonic" or "reptillian" part of our consciousness come from the excesses in the "influence of the stars," but there is not one "star" (planet or constellation) that would be of itself reptilian; there is really nothing to fear from this.

Look, the greatest obstacle to anything in this World of Action is indecisiveness; and you promote that the best by pointing at every shadow and screaming "SATAN!!!!" That way, no one will really be sure what to do, what not to do, and that their allies are really allies but that they are "imposters." And that, positively, is a road to Hell, paved by good intentions as it should be.

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