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Default Re: censorship before yours eyes

yes it is but this is what I got
__LongTerm__ recent remarks about World War III may be ominous. On __LongTerm__ Today Show, Air __LongTerm__ Rachel Maddow warned against interpreting those remarks to mean that only the GOP can be trusted to keep the US out of World War III. Bush may not have been warning of World War III but threatening it. There is always the possibility that World War III is already begun.

Iran is slated to become just another front in an Orwellian perpetual war, perpetually empowering a failed and incompetent administration. Bush may get by with a little help from his friends __LongTerm__ Laden and al Qaeda. __LongTerm__ no coincidence that only George Bush, the Military/Industrial Complex, and big oil would benefit from a second terrorist attack. A “second terrorist attack” on US soil would be entirely too convenient to be credible.

A second terrorist attack would __LongTerm__ __LongTerm__ George W. Bush to achieve an agenda communicated to his base in code words. A second terrorist attack would __LongTerm__ the dropping of Nukes on Iran especially if can be said –true or not –that “terrorists”, on Iran’s behalf, had “nuked” a US city or military installation.

A second terrorist attack would complete a coup d’etat begun even before the tragic events of Sept 11, 2001. I refer to an attack of GOP __LongTerm__ in Florida effectively ending a recount of ballots. The recount would have spelled defeat for Bush’s radical, extremist GOP. It had to be stopped.

Bush assumed under a cloud of suspicion an office that he said would be easier had it been a dictatorship. Later, following, the events of 911, he would quip: __LongTerm__ just hit the __LongTerm__ __LongTerm__ coup was all but complete when the Fox Network, __LongTerm__ propaganda arm, announced for Bush on election night. Later, September 11 scared the Democratic opposition in Congress. But as objections were raised to provisions of the Patriot Act, a second attack, a wave of Anthrax letters, would terrorize the Congress into submission. One wonders __LongTerm__ Sen. Jeffords had not defected, announcing his “independence” of the GOP, would 911 have happened?

The Pentagon has become little more than a huge, bureaucratic mechanism by which your tax monies are channeled into the coffers of thousands of __LongTerm__ __LongTerm__ all of whom would be out of job in times of peace. A second terrorist attack will keep Blackwater USA employed though they do a better job of making new enemies for America than __LongTerm__ done __LongTerm__ Baghdad, the scene of bloody chaos!. They are simply a gang of highly paid cutthroats operating outside the law. Nevertheless, they are symptomatic of the fact that making war has become America’s number one export. Uncle Sam is hooked on war and Bush needs another fix.

Meanwhile, the dollar continues __LongTerm__ precipitous decline. Those suffering most from the __LongTerm__ decline are the __LongTerm__ poor and middle classes. A balance of trade deficit will correct itself, but Bush is content to let those who can least afford it pick up the tab. His elite base have already moved their assets. They will watch the dollar fall from afar.
If this isn't what other's are veiwing that I'am very sorry for wasteing
time and space Please by all means,contact the moderator and have them delete this thread
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