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Talking Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

You are right all Holy Books are tools to guide us in our spiritual path. This is only one way to reach the same destination. The problem throughout History that has divided us is that we bashed people in the head with our Holy books as the way. If you do not follow what this Holy Book says you will never reach Nirvana or the Kingdom of Heaven. This for me is a terrible mistake that has kept man of faith divided instead of united. So many wars so much suffering all in the name of God.
We become so blinded by our believes that we fail to see God in the heart of those that do not follow any type of religion. A good example of that is the native tribes all around the world, many are close to God by creating a personal connection without the need to read a Holy Book or be a part of a particular religion. The destination to the Heart of God is simple is only us that make it complicated. Love and Blessings to all..
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