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Post Sporadic Tides in Maine

So today my mom informed of some strange tide anomalies in Booth Bay, Maine, about an hour from me and that was on the news. I laughed and she looked at me strange.

I said, "I guarantee it's a new moon today. Did they reference it in the news?"

And no, they didn't. And yes, my friends it's a new moon.

Anyways, I figured this out a couple days ago, why new moons, full moons, and eclipses cause sporadic weather patterns or earthquakes. If you read Marko Rodin's work on vortex mathematics you MIGHT be able to understand it, not saying you won't, but it's over most peoples heads.

To sum it up, when you line up the planetary bodies, the moon and the Earth with the sun, it causes a natural tunneling effect to occur with energy, ie a vortex, which causes not only more energy to be pushed in our direction (overall volume) but also causes energy to be highly concentrated at the apex of such vortexes. The exact geometrics of it, I am still working on. Hopefully, I'll make some progress with tonight's meditation.

As we get closer to the infamous 2012 era, there is going to be an exponential increase emanating from our galactic center. This energy I feel is directly connected to our sun (the science is lacking here, but there's a bunch still to work with), which then trickles on down to us.
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