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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
An Urgent Request!!

I am asking all to send energy for the release of Paul Pantone,Gifted Inventor of Geet free energy engine,whom is wrongly being held in Utah Mental facility!!

This is holding up progress for Humanity and it needs to stop NOW!!!

We demand the release of Paul Pantone immediately!!!!!!!!!

I am sending much energy to him & His family!!! Humanity needs his work!!!

Thank you Samarkis,
It is sad to read, but this is what is going on everywhere on a global scale, I know I am subjected and I know others, too.
This system of theirs has been around for a long, long time.
The only thing to do, is to fight back, with the “weapons” we have.
The “power elite” has infiltrated everything. it is the same in every country, but they are not many.
Every new organisation that is created, they are trying to infiltrate, this is not my intention to scare you, but we have to act immediately, and then slowly change the present direction.
Personally, I believe very strongly in this, but it is not given freely to us, it is our individual responsibility to act, as many as possible, in many different ways, to spread the risks.

Their weapon is fear, lies and secrecy and ours should be love, truth and openness.
We probably can't hide anything for “them”, with all their “fancy tech-stuff”, instead we will attract new lovely individuals in our struggle, because we will be more and more famous in our struggle.

We also have to help these kind of people, like Paul Pantone, in this physical prison, not realm, we live in, with proper actions (spiritual and as well physical actions).
This is their way to take out their enemies, and they will continue and increase the rate, if we don't stop them.
So just lean back and doing nothing, seems to kill off good people, as I understand it.

This is one way the “power elite” works, they “invent” a lot of laws, so they can “take away” whoever they want.
In Sweden, the “power elite”, has created, by lackeys, around five new laws every day before, and it is probably the same rate at present, too.
And as a citizen, I am in duty bound to know of the laws, so in a way, we are all lawbreakers.
So I guess the disciplinary power can punish whoever they want and whenever they want.
But it is also dangerous for the “power elite” to use to much violent, because it could backlash, it has happened before, for example, in the Freemason history, so they “are killing us smoothly” instead.
Present applied democracy is just a bad joke.
If you are not “one of them”, they consider you as serfs (cattle) or enemies.
But low level Freemasons have to watch up, probably because they are not considered to be “real Freemasons”.
Because, sometimes it seems to me, that they sacrifice their own, lower levels of course.

So let us individually do “our part”, it is not that difficult, look for example at the different YouTube-videos about Masaru Emoto, and his water and ice experiments, then you understand.
By doing this, you have come very far, it is no problem at all.
You can test it for yourself, say: I love you to everything in the surrounding and this will affect you (and the surrounding), and you will feel it.
Remember we have been taught to get a low level of self-esteem.
So keep your chin up, and crank up your engine!
Comments appreciated
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