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Normality is the capacity to express your feelings.
From the moment that you donít fear to share your heart,
you are a free person.

- Paulo Coelho

Very wise words. Sadly, we are trained to hide our feelings and emotions. If people were not afraid to openly express feelings, there would be less misunderstanding, pain, and hurt. Yes, we need to feel them all. From love to hate, from despair to ecstasy. Every human being is both rational and nonrational, both child and adult, both masculine and feminine, both poet and engineer. Our feelings and emotions are the fabric of who we are. When we suppress and hide them from ourselves and others, we not only betray ourselves but also we block our creative and spontaneous energy that makes us fully alive. In fact, it takes a good deal of our energy to control our feelings. I believe that the greatest gift we can offer each other is when we can share our deepest nature expressed through our feelings and emotions. Easy to say, yet difficult to do it.

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