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Default Re: Green myths: Global Warming Debunked

Hoagland and Wilcock compiled NASA data showing conclusively that we are experiencing inter planetary climate change. Not only that, the luminosity the various planets has increased dramatically as well. I believe they said Venus had increased in brightness by something like 200 percent. Saturn was similar.

Carbon Induced climate change is one of the best smoke screens ever devised by the power structure. If people are not in the horticultural sciences like I was they miss one simple fact about the whole carbon in the atmosphere deal. All plant life has the ability to process 3X the amount of carbon that is currently in the atmosphere. In fact, if you increase the CO2 levels in a green house to 3X the normal levels the plants grow 3X as fast.

Why is this? This is because when the plants where evolving the carbon levels where 3 times what they are now in the atmosphere. The higher the carbon levels the healthier all the plant life gets. They left that fact out of "The Inconvenient Truth"
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