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Exclamation Manifesting a good outcome - The plain and simple truth

Following post is somewhat adapted from my website to suit this forum and let people be able to understand the following principles in a rather easy and down to earth way that most can grasp:

Many of you probably have seen the rather famous movie and book "The Secret" now dealing with the Law of Attraction and how to basically get anything you want manifesting in your life. Here is the short version:

Be positive, do good things. A man good at heart and action will always receive good things back from the Great Universe, the Source of All Existence. It is the simple secret behind the Law of Attraction and its almost amazing that more people do not understand this simple principle and live by it, it certainly would make their lives more rich and good in every aspect. Love everything living, and wish the best for all, do not be jelous or bothered by others that have something you would like, or that "do it better than you". Instead love them for their achievements, and wish them all the best and you are doing great deeds for yourself and those involved.

This really is one of the easiest universal laws to prove to oneself , just go a month being nice to everyone, help the old lady across the street, dont be annoyed by silly little details like someone getting in front of you in the que at the store, rather be happy for them, indeed open the doors for others and let them go first. Spend your money with joy and love, love the money you spend, and know that it helps someone else to survive, dont be annoyed because you think something cost a bit too much when you still have enough money to buy it, and why not buy a burger to that homeless man now and then and see the joy in their face and feel the happyness inside yourself for doing something useful for a change.

There is only one thing to have in mind: When you try to make something manifest, lets say some more money, be specific on how you will receive this money. If you are not specific, you may end up performing black magic and receiving it by the death of your mother leaving you a will with a lot of money, for example. So, in your mind, imagine yourself with a lot of money, and decide in what way you have received this money. This can be for example by having gotten a job promotion, or sold some old antique artifact you had stumbled over cheap and didnt know how much was worth etc. Tell yourself "I am receiving this money in a way that is good and beneficial for everyone involved."

Thats a good safety measure just to keep sure you wont accidently cause harm to someone. Ask your spirit guides and guardians angels for assistance with the project and to help you achieve your set goal in a positive way.

Within this context I would also like to speak alittle about intuition and resonation, which do relate to the above, specially because you will be able to truly understand and live by your intuition once you are in Harmony with Existence and live by the Divine Laws, such as the above mentioned Law of Attraction etc.

You resonate with those whom you feel to be one of. Thus, one resonate with those that are of the similar type, in general.

And one often mistake this for intuition thinking "he is telling the truth" or "he is lying".

But in reality you truly need to find yourself before you can resonate with anything else - when we speak of a true level of resonation.

Are you in Harmony, Balance and Resonation with yourself? If so, are you really, or are you just imagining that? How can you know?

That is some things to ponder upon, and to find the answer to such questions is not as easy as asking them. The Path is a long one, and it takes many lifetimes to truly understand even the slightest part of ones true being.

I am continously amazed myself by such great discoveries, hopefully there will be an easier method of letting others truly experience their real inner self and disconect themselves from all the programming and manipulation they have been put up with including what they feel and think and believe about certain topics or individuals and so on.

Regardless, the possibility is there, specially when one become aware of the possibility of such questions even having anything to them. So one can get closer to the truth of ones being, deeper down beyond the surface of the false robot, and really see even the tiniest spark of the Real Self hidden away and chained and imprisoned in the darkness of ones Body and Mind.

So with that said, you should not take everything I say for granted just because you "feel" it is right, or you "resonate" with it and so on. Look deeper within yoursel, go really deep, explore your being and find the answers of your own self - do not worry about me, let me handle that part.

When you reach the True Divine Connection of your Inner Self and the Source of All Existence there will no longer be any doubt, as doubt can not exist in that state, nor can lies, only purity and truth and reality. The illusions will fall, it may scare you to see your true self as something completely different than you have been lead to believe, but it will also give you a new amazing power and knowledge, and give you great control of your own life and destiny. You make reality whatever you want it to be - and you also make it what you do NOT want it to be, everything is Mind, and the actions followed by what is in your Mind.

May all Love and greatest blessings be with you all, and may the True Inner Guide lead you the way to yourselves.

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