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Default Re: Has anyone actually seen a PLEIADIAN

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Your sig line is selling something and you sell by negation of others.

One last chance: answer specifically from this previous post and let's see whether I decide to communicate any further with you or not.

Previous Post:
Hello Acora,

If you have some knowledge, please create a bridge of understanding. What specifically is your knowledge of Universal Balance? And please try not to dazzle me with lingo, thanks.

As long as you ask a specific question that does not come across as a question where you already feel you know the answer, in other words as a put down, then ask away. I deal in specifics, as you will see from my prior posts.

If someone says they have personal knowledge they were or are originated from some ET race one could contribute to understanding by asking them specifically what causes them to know that.

Or, if as you so generally stated without any specifics, that you have some overriding knowledge that proves that there are no pleidians, then I'm all ears to that too. I'm here to co-collect data and to co-learn.

What is your specific purpose to be here?
i think you're here to sell 'time travel' at $60/hour.
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