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ďFor example, we may find that we are suddenly having to fix things (but know as well, that when we move into new spaces, we are no longer in alignment with much of anything, and this frequently creates situations where everything breaks or needs our attention for repair or replacement).Ē

This part^^ really grabbed my attention; lately Iíve been doing an unusual amount of repair work around my home, as well as my parents. It all just happened out of nowhere. For instance: Someone tried to break into one of my fathers houses and destroyed the front door lock, so I replaced the whole lock set. A little less than a month later I had to replaced my front door lock because it strangely stop working, than a few days later I accidently broke a key in the backyard lock and had to replace the cylinder. I never broke a key off in a lock, I didnít even use that much force, itís like it wanted to break. When the key broke, a strange feeling immediately came over me, I knew something was up but couldnít figure it out, so I just brushed it off.

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