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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

Residential Schools

"You will not give up your idle, roving habits to enable your children to receive instruction. It has therefore been determined that your children shall be sent to schools where they will forget their Indian habits and be instructed in all the necessary arts of civilized life and become one with your white brethren." (Indian Superintendent, P.G. Anderson, 1846,
Sing The Brave Song, J. Ennamorato, pg. 53.)

"If these schools are to succeed, we must not have them near the bands; in order to educate the children properly we must separate them from their families. Some people may say that this is hard, but if we want to civilize them we must do that."

(A federal cabinet minister, 1883, in J. R. Miller,
Skyscrapers Hide the Heavens: A HIstory of Indian-White Relations in Canada, 1989, pg. 298.
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