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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

Day, in his most famous work "Simulacra and Simulation", the French postmodernistic philosopher Jean Baudrillard has a passage about the today`s manipulative approach toward the Native People in US. He is using this explanation as another proof of destroying the reality with replacing it with simulated one...which exists only in The System`s propaganda.
Let it be noticed that "Simulacra and Simulation" was used as one of the basic philosophical cores of "The Matrix" movie. (Remember "This is the desert of reality", Morpheus said to Neo. This is was direct quotation of Baudrillard).

Here is the passage about the Native People from Baudrillard`s book:

“So, the Americans are proud that they bring back the number of the Indians as it was before the conquering. Everything is wiped and everything starts from the beginning. They want to make even more and to surpass the original number. This would be a proof of the superiority of the civilization: it will produce more Indians than the Indians could produce by themselves. (Sad irony, this overproduction is just another way they to be destroyed, because the Indian culture, as every tribe culture, is based over the limitation of the number of the members of the group and over the refusing of any “free growth”. So, their demographic “promotion” represents only another step forward in their extermination”.

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