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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

Several years ago, I had a dream of the future.

I remember going to sleep that night and my spirit flew in a different
direction. I came to a time on the earth after the earth changes. I do
not know the date.

I went to see a young man, very keen in a futuristic technology
(for us now) who was working in a tower like structure. He was in
contact with everyone else on the planet in a similar structure and they
were communicating on the health of our Earth. Their technology was
cleaning the air, water, soil of Mother Earth

Each person was entirely,completely happy and spirit filled. I as a
native woman was treated with respect as I respectfully acknowledged
each young man who are doing such a valuable job. The earths atmosphere
had been cleaned up, and one could drink out of springs and rivers. The
young man showed me on his monitors how we could see any part of the
earth and be able to measure the data of anything needed. I was then
shown how the needs of people were also cared for in this way. It was not
to spy, but used in a moral, ethical manner.

I left the tower to go to a tarmac where a type of aircraft waited. From
there I was shown the state of the planet and we came to a park. I got out
to wander with the people at this park.

It was unusual in that, portions of the park had buildings, portions of
highways that were left as they were so that families could come and
instruct their children (who had been born during a wonderful time after
the changes) about the way of life as was- what we live today.

Animals roamed freely with people. Animals were no longer aggressive or
fearful of humans - and we were deeply in harmony with them.

I will never forget the clean air, pure water, loving families that I saw.
People did look different than today, better, no racial conflict. There was a
common understanding among mankind across the globe. There was no
money, everything was free. No one had want for anything. Each person did
their fair share and more because no one was focused on self only. We had
embraced our spirit completely and had outgrown the ego paradigm.

The purity of life, love,, spirit, and what, who are - what people today are
focusing on for our future had become a reality.

For this reason, I know we will survive. endure, learn, honor our spirit and
each other not from race to race, but as one global family.

Today I remember this journey to the future - a gift from the Creator, to
share with any who might be interested.

All I do today is for this time in our future - knowing that in my small way
each person who does what they can, the best they can is doing exactly as
they are meant to .

I honor your journey
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