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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

Interesting finding
An Indian painted in a Macedonian church` fresco from the year 1295?!
The authors are celebrated Byzantine Macedonian painters of icons Mikhail Astrapa and Eftichi. The name of the church is St. Pervivlepta and it located in the Macedonian (and Orthodoxy) spiritual center Ohrid. (Ortodox Christianity is not under Vatican and Pope`s jurisdiction).
Note that the fresco is painted 200 years before Columbus!

This fresco is showing the Descent of the Holy Spirit, and beneath the 12 apostles, the members of all four world races are shown. This big composition is beyond the usual meaning of the Christianity. According to the custodian of the church, Dr. Jana Poposka, the Indian is shown as a representative of the red race, with all signs of his culture.
Dr. Poposka is claiming that this church has some very strange (for Christianity) symbols that can’t be found in any other churches. The message of this as Dr Jana Poposka surmises that native people were being revered in this fresco for their way of life, as the Dr Poposka explains and that the USA sent money to preserve the fresco.
The message from the fresco, according to Poposka is that Christianity should not be understood as a religion, because, as she says, it will quick die as any philosophical or direction of government.

There is not much info about the life of the painters, but they are most famous old Byzantine painters of icons and fresco. Some art-history sources are telling as that some of their paintings (in the well known Macedonian Collection) are real sources for the later Renaissance in Western Europe in painting).

Of course, I am not claiming anything; at least no religion, I am just passing interesting info recently published in many media. I am trying to contribute to this beautiful Day’s thread. We are all connected!

There is no clear photography from the fresco so far, and also I was a bit confused because in different sources there are different details from the fresco. In both cases there is no good photo.

Here is one:

But I believe the Indian is shown here. (However, I am searching for better photography):

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