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Default Re: Pineal Gland Awakening: Star Nations Teachings

This is a wonderful bit of the 'hidden history' that you are sharing Oliver and thank you for posting

I did a Google Translate of the article and was touched by the deep spiritual insight that the fresco had been painted with. Rather than a religious theme it was one of deep heart spirituality which encompassed all the nations of the world - somethng that shouldnt go unnoticed considering the might and influence of the Catholic Church at that time.

The Native person in the painting is standing on a white pillar and I wondered if could be a symbol for the overall meaning of the fresco

There is a Cherokee saying that when the missionaries came to tell us about their religion they found we already knew. When they asked us how we knew -- they were told ' The Creator told us'

here is the Google Translation of the article:

Indian painted the top part of the western wall of the naos in the Ohrid church of St. Mary Peribleptos. Fresco, which is part of the iconographic model of composition "Pentecost" is a unique work, painted in 1295 by Mikhail Euthichius

- Painted six apostles on either side of the window in the semicircle, and on top of the segment of the sky there is one empty throne. One symbolizes the presence of God the Father who is invisible, but pervasive, the other for the throne is Bogosinot - Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit is represented in the form of flames as falling on the heads of the apostles. Next to the window is represented white and yellow race, while the other side of the black and red - a doctor explains Jana Poposka, curator at St. Mary Perivlepta.

The message he sent this one, according Poposka is that Christianity should not be understood as a religion, because, as she says, quick to die as any philosophical or direction of government.

-Christianity should be a style of life, love and respect for the world - says Poposka.

Fresco with Indian is one of the 43-I scores, which has found Poposka in this church. For her discovery, which is presented in the monograph Poposka wrote in 2006, has received many accolades.

- Perivlepta "may be more study and its fresco painting has numerous symbols, letters, abbreviations. And here is the fresco, which is represented the Lord as a woman with three heads, "said Poposka.

The frescoes of the church will be restarted

Church Peribleptos in Ohrid is one of three projects in Macedonia that have passed decisive phases of the joint action of the European Commission and the Council of Europe for integrated rehabilitation of architectural and archaeological heritage.

These days it is expected donation from the Embassy of the United States destined for the temple, whose fresco painting, long-expected intervention.

Church of the Virgin Perivlepta is part of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Ohrid region, the list of UNESCO. Built in 1295, by order of the Byzantine military commander Progon Zgur, son in law of Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos. Freskoslikarstvoto the naos and the narthex is the first documented case of Mykhailo Euthichius and whose work is one of the most significant achievements of the so-called. "Renaissance of paleolozite. The plight of the frescoes is the basic reason for emergency conservation and restoration interventions. Frescoes suffer from inadequate intervention roof roofer, fasadnite damage joints and lack of drainage system.

Author: Alexandra Ristoski

to see the 2 photos of the fresco click here:

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