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Default Re: For those with eyes to see and ears to hear

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Anyone who is clairvoyant and can investigate things for themselves know that the future for this planet at this point is very grim. It is very easy to see the degeneration that is occuring. Look at the news around the world. If anything this should motivate us to work harder to help this suffering humanity. To sincerly do this we must investigate this idea of "I". Until we understand ourselves we will make mistakes about where to focus our efforts in life.
What kind of clairvoyant is it that can see these dimmer futures and then selectively ignore the good and brighter ones ?

I don't pay much heed to the "news" of the world at the moment, because I know, as I think do most of us here, that right now it is more often that not the twisted and perverted outpourings of state controlled media outlets, designed to do what your articles could do which is instill fear.

I can only hear and see the beckoning and encouragement of a multitude of loving beings that are urging us and ecouraging us onwards with every spiritual fibre of thier beings; who engage in rapturous applause with each faltering step we make on the right path. Beings who support our every step by providing and fulfilling all requests for aid that are made for the highest and best good of all.

If that makes me a bad clairvoyant, then well, tough for me

For sure we need to work harder, but not because of fear of the outcome otherwise, but because of our love for truth and light.


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