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Default Re: Underwater Bases USO/UFO's and the Cetacean Connection

A secret UFO base being used by visiting extraterrestrials has been discovered by world governments and is being monitored and studied by scientists on a regular basis.

The mysterious archipelago of Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost tip of South America has always been an area of mystery and paranormal occurrences. This inhospitable, sub-polar region of immense natural beauty has never supported a large human population.
Prior to their decimation by white disease, small populations of Yaghan Indians inhabited the region. These extremely hardy people swam naked in freezing waters to collect shellfish for food. Ancient Yaghan legends tell of ‘Sky-people’ who visited them occasionally and taught them magic.

Rumours have long circulated amongst the current Chilean and Argentinean populations of a deep hole in the area that reaches to the centre of the earth.
This publication has received information from government sources suggesting that indeed a secret UFO base has been discovered by researchers on Tierra del Fuego’s remote Hoste Island: a territory of Chile.

The UFO base is believed to exist beneath an icy plateau that lies between some of the island’s many mountain peaks. While the exact purpose of the base is not yet known, government scientists have monitored and recorded large luminous objects entering and exiting the plateau. Analysis of these objects has shown them to be consistent with other UFOs seen and picked up by radar: such as the enormous UFO seen above Alaska by Japan Airlines pilots in 1986.
At least four giant UFOs have been filmed disappearing beneath this plateau in the last decade. The UFOs were all large glowing yellow spheres. Some sceptical scientists have claimed that they might not be UFOs but rather other natural phenomenon such as ball lighting or even gaseous orbs created by weather conditions.
Government geologists have also tested the area and discovered that hollow space exists under a thick cover of ice and rock in the exact spot where UFOs have been filmed coming and going. Government scientists have decided not to drill into the ice due to serious safety concerns.
Some scientists believe that actual extraterrestrials might actually have recreated a habitable environment for themselves beneath the ice and rock. Unusually high levels of radiation have also been recorded in the area. Arnoldo Rivera is one non-scientist who has seen unusual objects descend to the plateau. The Buenos Aires native and ex-pilot was on a hiking expedition in the area when he saw something he is unlikely to forget.
‘I was hiking in the foothills on Hoste island when I saw this enormous glowing object descend into the mountains.’ Arnold described the object as ‘brilliant blue’ rather than yellow as described above. ‘I don’t know if it was an alien spaceship but it was not of this earth’.

‘As a pilot I never saw anything strange in the sky but heard many stories. Now I believe some of them’ concluded Arnoldo.

What is the purpose of this UFO base? It is known that earth lies near some form of galactic highway or trajectory and that an exit off this ‘highway’ exists in Brazil. Is this base nothing more mysterious that the galactic equivalent of a roadside motel where weary alien travellers can rest before moving on?
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