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Default Re: Resources for Ladies...

Thanks for the posting Nenuphar,

I'd like to add Glad Rags as another resource for ladies. See They have a wonderful line of organic cotton reusable menstrual pads, pantliners and other useful products for women. If you go to Glad Rags website they often have sales/special offers available.

It's good to make the switch now as disposable products simply will not be available and once you get used to this system, it's really easy.

From a health standpoint, eliminating a very personal exposure to chlorine-bleached, dioxin-containing, plastic-layered hygiene products is a wise move.

IMPORTANT: For those with teenage daughters, or daughters who will be going into womanhood during these upcoming years, Glad Rags has a smaller size "day pad" which will be a better fit. I mention it because they do not list this on their website, but if you phone them (1 800 799 4523) and ask, they will trade out regular size day pads for the smaller ones.

Best wishes to all,
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