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Default Re: UFOs over Philly during Bruce Springsteen/Obama concert

my friend was there. he sent me this on IM

10:10 PM
nick victoria: You there?
Chris Parson: sup
nick victoria: Went to see Springsteen play in Philadelphia the other day as part of some Obama rally.
nick victoria: Don't care too much in either direction about Obama, but I love Bruce and it was free.
nick victoria: Halfway through one of his songs, look what appeared in the sky:
nick victoria:
nick victoria: Strangest part is that they appeared during the song 'Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?' which features the lyric: 'She rides to heaven on a gyroscope.'

another friend out in san francisco saw something very similar on the same day. she posted this as a myspace bulletin:

Date: Oct 6, 2008 3:11 AM
Subject: UFOs Over San Francisco TODAY
Body: Hey guys. Today was amazing.

I can't really write too much about it for I have been talking about it all day, and into the night with folks. Some **** is going down.

I don't know whether this is preliminary surveilance or I don;t know, The Galactic Federation of Light scoping the scene pre-October 14th, but a good friend of mine and I were at the park today and saw several unidentified flying objects. They looked exactly like the white lights in the day sky over Guadalajara from 2004. They formed a perfect isosceles triangle over Dolores Park, and many appeared afterwards.
Later on, I guess about two hours ago, they came back. The same friend I was with earlier in the day called to tell me they were out in the sky again, I ran up to my roof and saw them as well. This time at night. She saw what had to have been a thousand in a fleet over near Potrero Hill. And I saw around 10 near the mission from my roof. They move together, and fast, but they will p.ause and cease to travel if you stare at them for a long enough time. There was a huge streak unlike that of a shooting star or burning up space debris(I know what that looks like), and they all disappeared.

This is no joke, no lie, no delusion. I have seen it along with my friend. On TWO SEPERATE OCCASIONS TODAY. THESE ARE NOT BALLOONS. NOT SATELLITES.

I guess why I am sharing this is because I don't know what to do with what has happened today, nor do I feel like I can openly talk about it with strangers even though I really would love to.

Anyone else in San Francisco see this ****?

In the coming weeks, keep thems eyes on the skies.

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