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Originally Posted by RubyTuesday View Post

Could you share more information about this 8-12 hour period? I've never run across such info and have been working on my vibe for awhile. No such luck here though thinking about it I guess they may be a tad shorter.
I'll share with you something that's quite interesting. Years ago, pre internet, I had a series of kidney infections that were very debilitating. I couldn't get any info out of docs on what to do to stop them. So I set out to find out all I could about kidneys. I spent hours and hours at the local health food store reading up on natural solutions and hours at libraries.

I finally put myself on an 80% raw/20%cooked foods, organic vegan diet for about a year and a half. It worked, no more kidney infections.

One of the side effects that I read about was that women would continue to ovulate but there would be little or no discharge. I read that this was the experience of women in many, but not all, older cultures. If I remember correctly, the places were the South Pacific area where little or no meat and no dairy products were eaten. It also mentioned that these women didn't go thru much of a menopause either.

The book that this was in stated that most of the discharge was due to injesting things that the body didn't want Dairy products seemed to be the biggest culprit, raw orgainc milk being the best to use if you do.

I doubt this is in any medical books, but that was my experience and that of the women I passed it on to. I don't go to doctors for most things anyway so get my med help from an acupuncturist/herbalist. We trade services -- bargaining is where we are all headed anyway.

Prepare; go vegan, raw and organic as much as possible.
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