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Default Re: Alkaline vs Acid

Alkaline diet does seem to be much healthier than acidic. Avoiding animal products in any form including milk and cheese is great. Animal products are mostly the source of the "modern diseases" such as Alzheimer, stroke, high blood pressure, heat disease, etc.. This is in no small part do to cholesterol which the body manufactures itself and has no use for more.

Avoid the carbonated drinks, coffee, etc.. At an Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese) grocery you can usually get 4 or 5 varieties of dried seaweed. I soak a pinch of each in water for an hour or so then blend them into a liquid and add to curry dishes like spinach (sag) for example. Adding the spice asofedita seems to counter the fishy flavor of the seaweed and is a good onion/garlic alternative. Also apple cider vinegar and honey and or apple cider vinegar and baking soda (poor mans champagne) helps and lemon/lime juice. Distilled water is ph neutral which is good. The ideal ph is probably sea water. Be patient, it takes a month or so for the body to adapt to the ph change. Alfalfa tables are also good. Avoid too many oils.

Harmful microbes seem to flourish in acidic environments so many other illnesses such as cancers are treatable with an alkalinizing diet. Neutral ph not excessive alkaline or acidic is the goal.
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