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Default Re: 9-11 Research Thread

One thing to be aware of is that there is much disinformation and redirection within the so called truth movement. And why? one may ask. Fast answer: damage limitation /concealing energy directed weapon technology and the potential use of this for FREE ENERGY, and nobody wants that, right?

My heartfelt thanks to Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson who continue to put out their compelling research. I know there was a Veritas teaser on this , but here is one for free from Theo Chalmers' Edge Media:

I think this info needs as much unrestricted ( free) exposure as possible and admire they way these two keep at it for zero financial reward and probably some heavy ridicule first . Not sure who is laughing now, court case pending and all.
Why is 911 still important? It may well be the key to peace, in more ways than perhaps imagined. Wars for oil? Who needs oil?
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