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Default Re: Time to liberate our computers in a massive way

Originally Posted by truthseekerdan View Post
The important (sad) part is not what symbolizes Lucifer, but what reflects "him"; The EGO...

Hope this helps.
Truthseekerdan, I want to contradict you, because God gave us the power of decision: "that is to accept or deny HIM", by that creating a perfect being.

By that, is our EGO, or the conscience of individual being, that is distinguishing from the collective conscience, the beehive conscience, supposedly the dark, luciferian world is driven.

So, our winning point in this fight is that the humans, are individually distinct, every one with it's individuality, while those are foisting the bad things on us, are just a collective tool, acting at the order of the leader. Some intelligent people said, this might be our winning ace from the sleeve in this fiercely fight.

Anyway, as everything in this world is lead and stuffed by symbolism and occult meanings, why the operating system, which every person is in touch every day, would be exempted by this symbology and occult meanings and energies? For example the Apple Mac OS is symbolized by the "bitten apple" which supposedly be the symbol of the primordial sin, that of Eve being driven by the devil to bite from the fruit of knowledges, and so on. Judge by that, why Vega would be different?

Anyway, this is just my idea and some issues find on the net, so if you Pablo you were of good faith, you weren't deterred so easy to go away and you would stand to fight for your creation if this would be for the good of so many people. But your rush to go away and be so influenced by what I wrote, this is meaning that possibly something from what I wrote is true and you feel affected by that. Really, your decision to move out from forum, immediately someone write something negatively about your OS, is strengthening my idea that is something not quite right with this.

Imagine, in this utterly corrupt world, where everybody spies on everybody, especially the governments and state agencies, is coming a guy, offering a "TOTALLY SECURE" Operational System, that you can use without fear, because is "secure"... And after the first allegations against his OS, this guy wants to run away ... This is to be judged by the intelligence and conscience of the forum members.

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