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Default Re: Time to liberate our computers in a massive way

Originally Posted by artvision View Post
Truthseekerdan, I want to contradict you, because God gave us the power of decision: "that is to accept or deny HIM", by that creating a perfect being.

Imagine, in this utterly corrupt world, where everybody spies on everybody, especially the governments and state agencies, is coming a guy, offering a "TOTALLY SECURE" Operational System, that you can use without fear, because is "secure"... And after the first allegations against his OS, this guy wants to run away ... This is to be judged by the intelligence and conscience of the forum members.
Im here "guy"....working to shut up ppl like u.
I never talked about "totally secure system"
I talked about a system "secure and very hard to be founded on the net"....

U have no right to determine the "level of corruption" of anyone....
But i have no time to discuss with a person like u, baby boomer....

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