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Default Re: So Long, Farewell, etc. Part 2

I, to, feel so sad at leaving here again! I had pulled away for awhile only to come back to utter chaos!

This is still the nicest place, the layout, all my friends, the familiar, I guess. I have so many sweet memories of our interactions, our get-togethers, our laughs, our cries, our passion!!

I appreciated Bill and Kerry's forsight in starting this forum. When I arrived, they were nowhere to be seen, so we all just got on with it, and it was great, no great dramas and really, no one being banned!

I was greatly disturbed at Kerry and Bill's treatment of Steven Greer, and to me it is a question mark to me as to their integrity. Caused me to question my involvement on their forums. Im over at the other place now, but my enthusiasm is not there. Im just hanging round the edges, looking.

I guess one reaches the stage when they are full up of knowledge, of opinions, of interacting! Maybe it comes back, I don't know, time will tell! Maybe its just time to be 'doing' not talking about doing, or even just being. Maybe its time to put our money where our mouth is so to speak, and just live it! Walk the Talk.

There is a definite feeling of grief, leaving here. I will hang in here till they finally pull the plug. I have met some great people here, they just 'shine'. Thank you for all you kindnesses, all your interactions with me. Love you All

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