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From Jose and Lena's newsletter:

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is November 12 at 11:17 PM Mountain Standard Time.

This powerful full moon is an opportunity to shift your relationship
with your external world. Rather than seeing it as having power over
you, you can begin to change your position so you have power over it.
Begin with gratitude for all that you have created in your life, all the
lessons and karma and lack and prosperity and successes and failures and
good choices and questionable ones. Love everything and be grateful for
all the opportunities you always have. Give your attachments over to
spirit. Move yourself into a position of appreciation and love for what
you have created as your external world instead of fear, judgment and
mistrust of how this external world may harm you or keep you from being
happy. Understand that this is entirely up to you. This signifies an
upgrade to your belief system and your personal power.

The power of this time is enhanced by a shift date in the Mayan
calendar. According to this system we have been in a night cycle for the
past year. This has been an internal one of discovery and the rising to
the surface of that which has been hidden, shadowed and unseen for about
a year. We are now shifting into a day cycle on November 13 that will
last about one year. Click here to read an article about the Mayan

The theme of the night cycle we are leaving is "the end of manufactured
lack". As part of your full moon observation, notice what pieces of your
life are related to lack. Take advantage of this shift to change your
relationship to that which appears in your life as lack by seeing it as
manufactured lack. If it is manufactured, it is not as concrete and real
as you believe. It is enough to sit with this concept and to begin to
discipline your mind to believe differently.

The theme of the day cycle we enter on the 13th for the next year is
"consciousness surpasses technology". A day cycle involves working with
that which has been brought into the light. The opportunity is
cooperative and community oriented. How this theme unfolds will be up to
us individually and collectively.

Jose & Lena
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