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Default Re: Free speech versus hate speech

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post

Ann Coulter's style of free speech NOt welcome in Ottawa ...

From what I can see Ann Coulter hadn't even made it to the venue nor had she spoken a word and they 'shut her down'. They have that right to do that, I won't dispute that. I doubt that many would consider that group of students understanding and tolerant.

Do you see what I'm getting at Celine?

Anyone should have the freedom to say whatever they wish to say about whom ever they wish without a government entity threatening to 'shut them down'. (I'm not talking about yelling 'FIRE!' in a theater either)

From where I stand your position seems to be this:

"I agree with free speech as long as it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, get's me angry or hurts my feelings or anyone elses."

Ok I follow but now here's the big question.

"Who get's to decide if your free speech is uncomfortable, offensive or hurtful?"

That's the whole problem.

Anyone could make the claim that any other persons remarks are 'hurtful'. Then everyone should be censored who makes remarks that hurt someone elses feeling. That's a slippery slope to slavery! The only way anyone can decide such a thing is by taking a vote.

So a persons comments could be determined 'hurtful' simply by a determining the popularity of the person making the comments. This is what is called mob rule... just as occurred here at Avalon a few weeks back and just as the students chose to do last night in Canada.

Ann remarked that her comments about the magic carpet and camel ride were taken out of context and were two different statements made 10 minutes apart in her speech somewhere else. They were sound bites and stitched together for the effect. The students didn't seem to really care if that was the 'truth'. They just didn't want her there... that's all. (or at least a small vocal group didn't)

Finally one more comment on listening to what students have to say. Yes we should and it should be done in a respectful and peaceful manner as all disagreements should be undertaken.

Just because someone attends college does not make them smart and just because someone gets an advanced degree does not grant them wisdom. There is a lot of pseudo intellectualism fomented by the educational elite throughout the west to promote their 'unique vision of the world' It is paid for by our tax dollars. It is elitism - you're either with them or against them. Doesn't that sound familiar?

Peace to you Celine
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