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Default Re: Need Avalon members help!

Well, Lemon... I was contacted by another friend on this Site...

When, I saw that your a Friend... You went to the head of the line...

That's Just The Way It is...

The Sgt. called.... His TDY was canceled. You could hear the relief in his
voice. He tried to download info from me. I told him its best he just listen to
his unit. Heard from an ABC agency person. He had NO idea, either, but said
everyone is walking on egg shells. Lot of ramping going on... Also, wanted
to download info. Personally, I don't like what's going on. Our own people
feeling like this. No one's being briefed here in the world. They waiting til
they 'get in' country.

See, this is why I didn't want you to thank me... Seems, the lid's ON...

I'll keep trying, but, that's two balls that have fall'n. Sorry. I don't like drama
type people. But, if its T.S. I'm going to have to shut my fingers. All I can do is what I can do. I hope you understand ! Me, I've never seen it
like this before.


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Tango: well said, I thank those who volunteer for this position. So thank you selflessly. If that make sence im appreciative =)

Karen: I feel ur pain sister im going bonkers but trying to stay centered.

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