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Default Re: Need Avalon members help!

You are a valuable asset here................

Thank you... Sounds like I'm going to start carrying My PG-1, bonnet, gloves
with me from now on... I'll get some more cannisters for my PG-1....

Roger that... Thanks again, Darren, for the Heads Up... Woo AAaa...



Originally Posted by Darren Swisher View Post
Special Operations Chemical Reconnaissance Detachment

CRD's conduct chemical reconnaissance in permissive, semi-permissive, and denied areas for special operations force commanders and theater CINC's. These detachments, housed under the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), are the only CRDs with this mission in the US Army.

Unit Profile: USAR 704th Chemical Co. (Recon)
Note: The 704th is not a SOF unit, but merits inclusion here due to its specialized WMD recon mission.

As a result of increased attention to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and there possible use by terrorists within the United States, the Dept. of Defense has created a new mission for a variety of Reserve and National Guard units. These units are being tasked to provide expertise, assistance, and manpower to work with the usual civilian responders in the event of a WMD terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The Army Reserve's 704th Chemical Co. (Recon), out of Arden Hills, Mn, is tasked to provide chemical reconnaisance, detection, and decontamination support during and after an attack.

The unit is equipped with HMMWV's (armored humvee's), M60 and M240 general purpose machine guns, M16A2 and M203 weapons systems, and M9 9mm pistols. WMD detection equipment includes AN/VDR-2 radiac meters (for radiation detection), improved chemical agent monitors, M8A1 chemical agent alarm systems, and M256A1 chemical agent detector kits. Each HMMWV is equipped with its own chemical decontamination system.

There is an ongoing process of reviewing different weapons systems,detection equipment, and training opportunities as the 704th's mission continues to be defined.

Hope this helps, Maybe way off base.

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