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Default Re: ancient site discovered

wishing everyone a very merry christ in mass, may you have the highest of holy days.

the solstice ceremony was very powerful. the site is opening more and more and the energy is pure bliss. it snowed quite a bit, so it was only myself and DeAnne once again. on the trip there we rescued an barred owl that had been killed by a car, and the energy of the owl medicine was used pre, during, and post ceremony. i had many shamanic dreams that included owls and eagles, and in my travels, had a wonderful experience with an owl at a fire ceremony. a few days before the solstice ceremony, i decided to make myself a wing with all the feathers i have, to use in ceremony, and this owl decided to add to that creation. it is a blessing, a great sacrifice, and honor.

the following day, the great spirit left a message on the roof over my office.

we buried the remains of the owl, under one of the 250 year old oak trees in my front yard, and placed a large crystal under it's head. i think this message was a big thank you, as i am very grateful. (there is a 'trail' shoveled off the porch roof, for my princess cat, who is posing for the photo. she needed a path to get to the roof of my van )

we placed the owl in the middle of our ceremony circle, which was made on top of the snow with tobacco. we sang, danced, drummed, laughed, prayed and were very honored to be in that circle.

there have been concerns from a few of my fellow travelers about the opening of this portal, and i do appreciate any and all information that has been passed on to me. truly beautiful support and added much to my discernment.

i can only speak from my own experiences about this opportunity with the ancient site. and from those experiences, this energy is commanded by gaia herself. she is a sentient being and agreed to the terms long long ago about this energy. ancient sites are being stirred awake all over the world now, the ancient energy has awakened and is touching us all in our many bodies.

the information that is being transmitted now, is filtering in thru our mind field. it is lighting up our RNA/DNA. who we are, where we have come from, why we left ourselves messages all over the world for this time of great consciousness expansion, and what we are going to do next.

we knew long ago, and even enlisted the help of, peoples who would help us find the depths of ourselves. those people would give us many opportunities to find our voice, our breath, and a deeper understanding of who we really are. we put it all in our plans, and back up plans. those same people are now at the cross roads, and we are re.membering...

as we continue to rise higher on the light scale, we are bringing all we have made wisdom, with us. we are great healers. and i thank you all for the courage and love you have for all that IS and your service during these great changes and expanding consciousness.

i wanted to share a few photos of the temple area. these are very large slabs that are intricately sculpted. the field of stones may look like some sort of destruction happened there, and it may very well be so, yet there also seems to be a bit of mystery, as you gaze around at what the light is creating as it moves across the heavens.

this information came to me less than 5 hours after the ceremony, and obviously, to discover more about this i am going to need some more equipment, and more linear time to sit and watch. i have added at least 15 more photos to my website, and there, you can click on it and then enlarge it for further investigation. the details are astounding.

the laser like precision markings are over the entire ancient site

i have placed green hearts near some of the sculpted areas

this is one slab, very intricately sculpted

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