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Default Hurricane Ike - how bad was it?

I've found the following page which references some videos and other articles:

Coast Guard Fly-Over of Galveston Island Texas


Wiped out by Hurricane Ike

and this video

Hurricane Ike in Texas - what GONE looks like

Why this isn't all over the front pages of every newspaper is I suppose painfully obvious, but these people need help.

"People who have access to the island are now being patted town by officials to ensure no camera footage would be shot and get into the media."

"The media blackout is trying to be enforced by the mayor and other city officials, but rescue workers are telling people that the death count is far more than is being reported. They are going door to door, but are leaving bodies inside of structures for now, so they can focus on rescuing those who survived. Unlike Katrina, they aren’t spray-painting “X” on the houses where the dead are. Instead they are putting discreet stickers on the structures, making them harder to see by the already handcuffed media."

Please spread the word about this tragedy. What little the regular media is reporting is getting buried by the financial crisis.

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