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Default Re: ancient site discovered

The Owl Kachina is the silent bringer of our dreams.

During her night flights she awakens and enhances our intuitive powers.

It is upon us to connect our Dream in Life.

The Owl is Athena’s symbol of wisdom and protectress of Art.

With this wisdom we are guided towards thoughtful decisions in our Life.

There are very few Native tribes, and I say tribes and not Nations, that have a deathly fear of the owl.

The Apache Nation is a perfect example. The Nation as a whole does not fear the owl and, in fact, some wore owl feathers on their clothing and headdresses. It is the Mescalero that fears the owl.

I know a Mescalero medicine woman (a real, practicing medicine woman) who is so terrified of the owl she does a special ceremony if she even sees a photo of one.

This apparently comes from the beliefs of these various tribes, few as they are, that the owl carries the spirit of the recently deceased to the Great Spirit. Thus, the death messenger.

The sound of an owl makes these people stop in their tracks.
The sight of one is enough to scare them and, heaven forbid, if one flew at them, they would surely die of fright.

As a totem, owl medicine, as I said last night, is a feminine trait.
It is at home, and comfortable, in the night.
It has great awareness of all that is around it at all times.
It has predator vision, which means it sees clearly what it looks at.

It has great intuition; it is the totem of psychics and clairvoyants. It has the courage to follow its instincts. It is a meat eater, which means it can be a fierce warrior if challenged, or if something dear to it is threatened.

Owls come in all sizes from a tiny miniature that actually lives inside the cactus in the desert, to the great horned owl which is the only bird that can outfly the golden eagle.

A fully grown great horned is an awe inspiring creature. Its talons are furry, and closely resemble the paws of a baby mountain lion with claws extended.

Owl medicine is wonderful to have. Those who carry it cannot be conned because their vision shows them the truth of the situation.

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