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Default Re: ancient site discovered

on the feb 13th show, rebecca jernigan had nora herold as a guest. she is a very gifted psychic and is able to channel many different energies. on this show i asked from the chat box, to Yeshuawa, how we can use the ancient technology at the ancient sites all over the world. i was more focused on the standing stones and the purpose of building these sites on energy points on the world grid. rebecca helped focus on this particular ancient site at the end of the discussion. i think you will find the answers very exciting indeed. let me know what you think. OH, the question is in the last 30 mins of the show.

one of the newest discoveries i made a few weeks ago, is an area where there is a large chair built into a large rock formation. there are 3 slabs at least 13 ft tall, each were flat on the interior, the floor slab was flat, with two arches at the base. this was balanced on slabs at interesting angles and was not visible from any vantage point unless right in front of it.

i was probably the first person to see this in a VERY long time, due to where it is located. i was too tired to take a picture of it at the time, but will do so as soon as i can. the answer to the question that Yeshuawa mentions, is referring to this 'chair', which is a transformer and a teleportation device.

needless to say, the energy is very powerful, and is fully residing in the 5th dimension. which is part of the reason it has not been 'seen' before. in these 3d bodies, it is challenging to manage this energy for long periods of time, no matter your awareness levels. for energy sensitive people, all sorts of mystical things happen, and much information is integrated into your energy body.

you can most certainly tap into this energy from anywhere, it is energy. BEING in the energy, is a transformative experience.

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