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Default Re: ancient site discovered

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
WOW!!! Thank you Unlimited Mind

This is amazing! Nice Bird House! I had a similar may have seen the pictures i posted a while back... Bird Pants

I have also stumbled across what I think may be some kind of ancient lay line... or energy center. I am going to explore some more when the weather gets a little more like spring here. I found a special and powerful stone there that i suspect was from a previous life but who knows I had a very interesting picture show up on my wall with sunlight lines and my map. Just the way it came through the window and put some markings on my map...when the great spirit speaks its devine... But thats a story for another day...maybe I will share the photo some time...anyway.

Thank you so much for keeping sharing your adventure! Have fun Peace JT!
thank you for sharing that JT! i am quite a ways behind on the telling of the journey, so much has happened, and the site just gets bigger and bigger. just to put it out there, this should be an 'on site' investigation by any academia out there. it is very hard to look at the pictures on my website and have a full grasp at what you are looking at.

the site covers an area of over 4 miles so far, up and down very steep slopes, with certain areas appearing to be of more significance due to the amount and size of the standing stones present. some of the more intricate areas are where water springs are. this new area is totally outrageous, and i cannot wait to get some pictures for everyone. within the next few months, someone has also volunteered to put a short video together. that should help a little with perspective etc.

end trans...........
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