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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

S.O.S. = Save Our Selves! I love it!

As for the agents. That is to be expected. I hope there are some agents who are tasked with learning from this site...and with implementing the best ideas and approaches in a public education program. If malevolent aliens are the real bosses of some of the agents...then arguing with them is a way to challenge the bad-guys in this solar system. I would also expect some white-hat agents who are tasked with making sure there is an orderly paradigm-shift through evolutionary rather than revolutionary means. This would actually be a good thing...I think. If and when things really heat up...I would like to find a good white-hat agent...and follow their instructions precisely. It worked for the heroes in the original 'V' series. Unfortunately...a good agent is hard to find!! The alphabet agents and Jesuits probably know more about what's really going on than just about anyone else. I just hope that most of them do the right thing when it really counts.

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