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You had alot to say and it was interesting to say the least. What I don't understand is the remark that biden and obama would go over bush's "crimes" with a fine tooth comb.

That doesnt settle well with me.

Have you seen anything about their crimes. They are no better Obama isn't even an United States citizen. He needs to be proscescuted not made president. He has run on so many lies. He is a fraud! He has "nazi" written all over his face. Biden's son left for Iraq if he really did, after filing false charges against Larry Sinclair to have him arrested and treated like crap. Threatening Larry to keep him locked up for life. Even Biden's niece threatened Larry ! What the Hell is that. Now, you know sonny boy was helping daddy get the vp spot. So if you want the job, its ok to take out a few? Ask Obama about his gay lovers that are now dead. Ask him about his drug use

No thank you ............lets get some real men & women to do the job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you betcha they will take care of business and thats not "just saying they will" and smoke the dope on the other side of their mouth

There is a thread right here that shows you the law suit filed with congress today. Part of this included obama and the DNC party and Diane Feinstein. Well I would like to see them all tossed out. PHEW sorry had to get it out!

McCain has no business being put in the spot as "maverick" is not what we need

You put a good man like Ron Paul or even Dennis Kuchinic (sp) in place , we might have something. Hell put them both in

But all in all , I am with following the Zeitgeist movement. Am really excited to do something right in my life. Now that I'm awake.............anyone sorry????

Thank you for the great information.
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